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Robotic Painting

At Apex Plastic Finishing, our reputation for quality and value is well known throughout the auto industry. The project highlighted here, is an armrest bezel that represents a high-volume, high-quality painting process we have been providing for this auto industry client for over 25 years. Producing this part posed a number of challenges; the foremost is the very stringent quality that must be maintained for every part. The second is the scheduling volatility inherent with producing a part that is near the end of the supply chain.

When we originally began this project, we were selected because of our expertise in this type of finishing and our very competitive pricing. Over the years as new technology has become available, we have continually upgraded our systems to stay ahead of the curve. As a result, these parts are currently being painted on a state-of-the-art robotic paint line. This not only provides consistently high output, it also produces repeatable quality. This is verified by testing protocols that include gloss and color testing with regularly calibrated meters.

In the beginning, the turnaround time for this project required us to change the way we work. This is the first step of the manufacturing process before the parts were installed; it was very susceptible to abrupt schedule changes. In addition, the auto industry, on occasion needs parts at the last minute. We accommodated these special needs by setting up a just in time (JIT) delivery schedule and provided enough flexibility to allow us to properly service this customer while remaining profitable. The result of our efforts has paid off with a partnership that has lasted decades; in fact, we have painted armrest bezels for several of their vehicles since 1988. This customer appreciates our efforts so much that they consider us their best supplier and continue to award us new work.

To learn more about this project, or the processes used to complete it, contact us directly.

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Robotic Painting Highlights

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Automotive Armrest Bezel
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Robotic paint lines
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Gloss and color tested with meters
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Just in time system
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